Advocating for Rohingya

Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK


BROUK was founded on 2nd of January 2005 with seven executive committee members. Organisation is with its written constitution which has set up with core objectives, criteria for membership and EC election process. BROUK is a member of Burma stake holder listed by Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK and European Burma Network (EBN).

OUR Apporach

We are advocating within UK and Europe in particular spreading message of the plight of Rohingya people and Human right violations in Burma.

We are closely working with Rohingya organizations around the world, Burma Campaign UK, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Burmese Democratic groups, Burmese ethnic groups in UK, Euro Burma Office in Brussels and other NGOs.

— Our Mission

  •  To promote or carry out various research activities, provide the students with stipends, learning materials and all out assistance for higher education.
  • To promote and publicize the genuine case and cause of the Rohingya people and to monitor the situation human rights of Rohingya and other peoples in Burma.
  • To support and express solidarity with the Rohingya national democratic movement(s), the struggles of all democratic and ethnic forces of Burma.
  • To share information, strengthen friendship and solidarity and understanding with the people of the United Kingdom. To provide advice to the community, to raised funds for the charity and to cooperate with other bodies.