Tun Khin President BROUK in an interview with “PressTV News” : “UN chief concerned about deal on return of Myanmar’s Rohingya”.

Mr Tun Khin President BROUK on PressTV News discussed on the “UN chief showed concerned about the deal on the return of Myanmar’s Rohingya.

Tun Khin said it should really be concerning for all of us that how and where this Rohingya will return where they already facing mass killing, mass rape, in short, it’s a Genocide going against the Rohingya community in our own homeland.

He further said Myanmar’s Gov hurry to implement Repatriation plan is actually to ease and divert the international pressure”.

Tun Khin urged International community to put pressure on the Burmese gov to stop the ongoing genocide on Rohingya and focus to find the permanent solution for recognising the Rohingyas identity and citizenship instead of talking and focusing on the repatriation plan.

@ Bangladesh Refugee camps on the Bangladesh Myanmar Border.