“Stop the ethnic cleansing” Press Conference in Madrid, Tun Khin of Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK on 4th Mar 2018.

Tun Khin President Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (BROUK) was on advocacy tour in Spain since 1st March 2018. During his tour, he met President of Balear Parliament, Human Rights Commission of Parliament and The Minister of Balear Island. The tour is to make awareness of genocide of Rohingya in Myanmar.

He was also invited by Amnesty International Spain where he described the Rohingya history and raised the concern of ongoing Genocide on Rohingya in Myanmar.

Later In the press conference, Tun Khin discussed the ruthless situation of Rohingyas in the Arakan state of Myanmar and recent forced migration of Rohingya from their own homeland by the barbaric Myanmar Military and Gov. The violence that began in late August 2017 and has led to the exodus of more than 850,000 to 1 Million Rohingyas from Myanmar to Bangladesh. He talked about the recent reports from different organisations and Yanghee Lee, U.N. special rapporteur.

He further added about his personal experiences about his restricted basic rights of Life and Education in Myanmar before exile in the UK.

Tun Khin showed his concern, why Myanmar Gov is in hurry to implement Repatriations where Myanmar Gov is committing Genocide against the Rohingya. “It is actually a plan to ease and divert the international pressure”.

Tun Khin urged International community and all the Europe to intervene in earliest and all possible ways against this Barbarism of Myanmar Military and put pressure on the Burmese Government before it gets very very late. He further emphasizes the seriousness of the problem that the Rohingya people are suffering in Myanmar. He asked the International Community to act and slow down the Genocide that currently happening on our Rohingya population and focus to find the permanent solution for recognising the Rohingyas identity and citizenship instead of talking and focusing on the repatriation plan.

At the end on behalf of all the Rohingya Community and BROUK, Tun Khin appreciated the Spanish Parliament, Amnesty International Spain and different organisation to voice for the Rohingya in their hard time.