Rohingya Organisations Condemn Religious Discrimination in Burma

Rohingya Organisations Condemn Religious Discrimination in Burma

We, the undersigned Rohingya organisations, strongly condemn the order by the Chin State government to remove a 54 foot-high cross, which it claims has been erected illegally.

The authorities in Chin State issued a demolition order for a 16-metre cross built by a group of Christians on a hill overlooking Hakha. They are also pressing ahead with charges against a local Christian, Tial Cem, a Chin elder who was involved in building the Christian symbol.

In the past Chin pastors, missionaries, and Christian families have faced various forms of persecution and discrimination, including eviction from villages, bans on holding worship services, and assaults.

In Burma violence and discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities is increasing. Laws and policies discriminating against Muslims, particularly Rohingya Muslims are increasing, and the persecutions of Christians also continue. Christian Churches are still not allowed to be built freely and some have been closed.

Rohingya Muslims also face restricted rights in being able to build and attend places of worship. Since June 2012 many Rohingyas cannot go to pray to the mosque and still there is no permission to renovate the mosques in Arakan. Many Mosques were destroyed and burnt down in Burma.

Burma is a country of many different ethnic groups and many different religions, Peace and stability will be achieved if the rights of ethnic and religious minorities are respected and protected under the law. Currently there is no religious freedom and equal rights in Burma. As Rohingya we may face some of the most severe persecution, but we stand in solidarity and support with people of all ethnicities and all religions who are also being targeted and discriminated against by the Burmese government. The prejudice and repression we all face are different branches of the same tree, and only by working together can we cut down this tree, pull it out by the roots, and be free from the shadow it casts over our country.

Signatories to this Statement
• Burmese Rohingya Community in Denmark
• Burmese Rohingya Community in Netherlands
• Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK
• Bradford Rohingya Community in UK
• Rohingya Community in Germany
• Rohingya Community in Switzerland
• Rohingya Organisation Norway
• Rohingya Community in Sweden
• Rohingya Community in Finland

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Tun Khin + 44 7888714866
Nay San Lwin +49 1796535213

Dated 5th February 2015