BROUK President Mr. Tun Khin Interview by Al Jazeera News on first visit of KOFI ANNAN led Commission to Rakhine State, 7th Sept 2016.

Mr. Tun Khin, President Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK had is an interview on Al Jazeera News London studio on 07th September 2016 about first visit of KOFI ANNAN led Commission to Rakhine State.

Mr. Tun Khin spoke about the advisory commission on Rakhine State was formed, the commission is chaired by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Mr. Tun Khin welcomed the new Arakan State Advisory Commission formed and especially former “UN Secretary General Kofi Annan” Mr. Tun Khin also showed his concern that “It is very disappointing that a commission that will decide the future of the Rohingya does not have any Rohingya representative on it”. Rohingya being excluded from most of the commissions or Rohingya’s issue discussion, the international community should not keep going along with it, because none can find any permanent resolve without Rohingya representative.

He said, “Our people are dying in the camps where they fled to four years ago after they fled mobs burning their homes and villagers. They are dying in part because the new government has kept in place severe restrictions on delivery of aid. The NLD-led government should immediately lift all restrictions on international humanitarian aid in Arakan State, and ensure security for aid workers.”

At the end he stressed that even after so many research reports been published like UN human rights Report, Yale School, 45 Rights, Queen Mary University and other international experts has published the reports that whatever is happening in Arakan State is GENOCIDE against Rohingyas in our own motherland but still we did not see any action. We want to see practical actions on ground.

This commission will take one year to release the report and recommendations but we want to highlight here is that the current situation in there is very serious. There is no justice, no safety, and no security for Rohingyas in Arakan State so we can’t wait for one year but international community and NLD Led Government have to deal immediate action by lifting up basic human right restriction like Movement, Education, Health, Marriage and Aid. This is very important point here, so we hope something this Commission will come up with positive step but we do not know how far NLD led Government will implement the recommendations.

I really doubt about it…!!!