BBC World News interview with BROUK President Tun Khin on Current Rohingya Issues, ongoing Genocide of Rohingya & recent US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visit to Burma, November 2017.

Mr Tun Khin President Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK recently had an Interview with BBC World News, November 2017.

Mr Tun updated the situation of Rohingyas in Rekhaine state and in the Myanmar/Bangladesh border, and later he discussed the recent US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visit to Burma.

Tun Khin Called for immediate actions from the UK and influential governments to stop the Genocide of Rohingya, he urged British Gov to work with UN Security Council for stronger resolution, provide immediate humanitarian aid, safety and security.

Tun called for a UN-mandated global arms embargo and targeted sanctions on Burmese military. At the end, Mr Tun Khun urged International community to help and put international pressures to bring these Burmese Military criminals into ICC.